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    welcome to MACC...

    The Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to be part of the Village of Mahomet and represents an active and growing business community.  Mahomet is the oldest community in Champaign County and appeals to those in search of an atmosphere of country living, shopping and working.

    Mahomet has an array of businesses including retail, service and healthcare.  Mahomet’s “Preserving the Past and Building the Future” campaign shows the diversity from the antique shops to an investment firm.  We continue to remember the past as we strive for a better future.

    The Mahomet area benefits when consumers do their business locally.  Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce has established “Chamber Dollars” that can be purchased through the Chamber and spent, just like standard checks, at participating members (look for member identification on entry to chamber businesses).  These are just like gift certificates that can be spent at our local member businesses.  We encourage all businesses, consumers, residents or organizations to buy CHAMBER DOLLARS to give to  a customer, friend or family member for a gift.

    Shop Mahomet First with Chamber Dollars







    Mahomet Business Golf Networking Group

    A group of local business professionals that meet once a month to network over lunch and 9 holes of golf.  You can also just have lunch and network everyone and not play golf that day.  This will begin on April 5th and then every first Tues after that thru Oct.  Golf & Lunch $40 and Lunch only $15.  We will have a local businesses to donate the food for that months event.  We presently have El Toro for April and Dominos for May.  If you would like to take on a month, we would appreciate it.  You don't have to be a food business, just have to get the food for the event.  You get to  talk about your business at the beginning of the lunch/networking day. Contact Theresa at Mahomet Area Chamber office to sign up for the event that starts in April for golf.   Any one from your business can come.  Held at Lake of the Woods Golf Course.   Fun day of golf and get to know your fellow business person..... 

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    March 5th, 2016

    Mahomet Seymour High School Field House

    10:00 am to 1:00 pm

    Magicians, Jump Houses, Vendors,

    Call Chamber Office 217-586-3165 if you want to be a Sponsor or a Booth Vendor  

    or click on this form

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    Go to the website and checkout the video and documents for your business to use

    “Thank you for shopping in Mahomet, our charitable organizations depend on it.