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  • Melissa Faulkner

    Business Relations Director





    Melissa Faulkner brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, recruiting, training and management. Her resume includes 10 years of executive experience as the Director of Recruitment for a growing,  Chicago-based publishing firm providing advertising and marketing efforts through affordable community directories and digital services that support local businesses in small, close-knit communities throughout the Midwest. Melissa was instrumental in growing that company from one state to eleven upon resignation. She has also worked as a business consultant and she is married to a business owner in Champaign County. 

    Melissa is active in her local church and she enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family, including her four grandchildren. 

  • Walter Pierece

    Business Development Director



    Walter loves the challenge of working with small business owners and helping them solve the issues that “keep them up at night”.  So, after spending the past 10+ years in the advertising business, he decided to publish and print his own coupon based magazine, C-U Local, serving homeowners in the greater Champaign-Urbana area.  C-U Local features coupons from area restaurants along with home improvement companies and auto services.

    After living in Sidney and Urbana for over 23 years, Walter married Heather Chalfant and returned to his hometown of Mahomet. Walter and Heather attend church at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Urbana. He spends his free time running through the neighborhoods of Mahomet, although now much slower than in his younger days.

    Walter has two sons, Riley, who farms in the Sidell area and is married to Megan. They have 3 daughters, Miley Jo, Laurilei and Piper. Creighton is an assistant golf course superintendent at Wannmoisett Country Club in Providence, RI, and is married to Kristen