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    Please Read Carefully About Opportunities in our New Upgraded Chamber Site


    MAHOMET AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE has been making some Website Changes and would like to share with you the addition of CHAMBERMASTER on our site.  With your Members Login and Password (provide to you recently or can obtain by calling the Chamber Office), you will be able to access your Membership information and keep it up to date now and in the future.  So if you have change of address, phone, email, additional representatives in the business you can make these changes yourself by logging in in Members Login section of the Chamber Website.  This will enable the Primary Representative and any other representatives to get emails from the Chamber.    Some of these items you must have the Enhanced Membership to have use of on the members login.

     LOGIN and PASSWORD Chamber Master has assigned these two items for you but when you login for the first time go to the section that says Login/Password and change them to something you can remember.  If you change these they will change in the main system so we will always have your password in case you forget it.  Contact Chamber Office.

    BUSINESS CATAGORIES & KEYWORDS This is necessary for people to do search and for us to put you in the categories for the types of work you can do for consumers.  Very important to complete this information on the sheet

    JOB POSTINGS Post Jobs that you have available within your business.  We will get the community to start looking on this site for jobs availability.   Note:  These will go to the Chamber office for final approval before released

    CALENDAR OF MEETINGS & EVENTS Add your up and coming events to the Chamber Site without going through the chamber office.  This will keep the community up to date about upcoming events in your business and community.   Note:  These will go to the Chamber office for final approval before released

    HOT DEALS  Make a coupon for a discount, free item or new Real Estate opportunity of the week that people will come back for each week to get discounts from your business.   Just remember to change your Hot Deal regularly to get consumers coming back to see the new Deal you are offering.  Let your staff know that this is a new process in your business to accept such coupons off the Chamber Site.  Hopefully you will see the benefits in the years to come.   Note:  These will go to the Chamber office for final approval before released.

    MEMBERS HOME PAGE You can keep your Home Page up and running with your particular information and add your own Web Link from your Chamber Home Page to your own Business Website.  Remember, this is the World Wide Web and there are many opportunities for people to look at your business from far away and just maybe there are moving here.   You can also put on Pictures, Logos, Map Quest, Information about your business (hours, type of services you provide).  Make a mini-home page of your own on the Chamber website.  Need help call the Chamber Office.

    eREFERRALS & INFORMATION REQUESTS Our Website will receive request for brochures, information and referrals.  ChamberMaster will allow us to send referrals to our members or send information to the consumer.

    MARKETSPACE  This is available to members and used as Classified Ads.  If you have commercial property or rental property to lease out.  If you have vehicles for sale, antiques,  any item you want to place on this site for people to see 24/7 and maybe get it sold.  This is a very minimual cost factor.  See Marketing Opportunities on website.

    LODGING For our members that are in to Lodging business- you will have access to different questions consumers are asking about your lodging facility.  Restaurants, Internet Access, Disability Access, Availability, Camping RV, or Hotel.  You will be able to present your business with these criteria to help that consumer wanting to use your business.

    NEWS RELEASE   Place your own New Release about your business, employees, event and promotion that pertains to your business.  Let the public know, it will be published on the Home Page under News Releases.  Note:  This will be approved from our Chamber Office prior to being published.

     This includes all the above along with the fact that you can put Pictures, Logos, Bullets of interest,  Map Quest or Goggle Map to your own Chamber Home Page. Social Media links to Facebook, Linkedin, My Space.

    MAIN MACC WEBSITE – We will be updating the Chamber website regularly with information and pictures of events that have occurred.  We will be havinc  a Members Business in Focus along with Chamber Chat.  So if you have something to put in you can let the Chamber office know or you can make a News Release thru your login and it will be published on our site.  You will be able to get forms and brochures that pertain to the Chamber.