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    Mahomet Ace Hardware

  • Welcome to Mahomet...

    The Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce serves an important role for the Village of Mahomet representing an active and growing business community.  Mahomet is the oldest (and fastest growing) community in Champaign County appealing to those in search of a scenic atmosphere as 900 acres consist of the beautiful, wooded Lake of the Woods Forrest Preserve along the corridor of the Sangamon River.

    Mahomet offers quiet living with an array of businesses including retail, service and healthcare.  Our “Preserving the Past and Building the Future” campaign describes the respect we have for our history, but also the excitement we feel for economic development.  We support and honor the established shops and we welcome new occupants of our emerging commercial space to provide additional local services and offerings.  We remember the past and we strive for a better future.

    The Village's official population as certified by the US Census bureau is 8400 (Up from  4,877 in 2000) with a total surrounding area population of 14,000.  Mahomet's cost of living is 0.10% less than the U.S. average.  Commute time is 11 minutes (avg) compared to 26 minutes nationally.  Recent job growth is positive as Mahomet jobs have increased by 1.53%. 

    Mahomet-Seymour Community Unit School District #3 ranks in the top 12% of districts in the country by niche.com offering that ours ranks in the top 5% of best districts for Athletes in Illinois. 

    The Mahomet area benefits when consumers shop locally.  Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce continues to promote 'Shop Local' and bring value to it's members by enhancing marketing, visibility, and connection to the community.  MACC “Chamber Dollars” can be purchased through the Chamber and spent, just like standard checks, at participating merchants (look for member identification on entry to chamber businesses).  Much like gift certificates,  CHAMBER DOLLARS can be given to customers, friends and family.

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    “Thank you for shopping in Mahomet, our businesses and neighbors depend on it.


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