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    welcome to MACC...

    The Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to be part of the Village of Mahomet and represents an active and growing business community.  Mahomet is the oldest community in Champaign County and appeals to those in search of an atmosphere of country living, shopping and working.

    Mahomet has an array of businesses including retail, service and healthcare.  Mahomet’s “Preserving the Past and Building the Future” campaign shows the diversity from the antique shops to an investment firm.  We continue to remember the past as we strive for a better future.

    The Mahomet area benefits when consumers do their business locally.  Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce has established “Chamber Dollars” that can be purchased through the Chamber and spent, just like standard checks, at participating members (look for member identification on entry to chamber businesses).  These are just like gift certificates that can be spent at our local member businesses.  We encourage all businesses, consumers, residents or organizations to buy CHAMBER DOLLARS to give to  a customer, friend or family member for a gift.

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    ReMax Realty "The Taylor Boys"





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    Mahomet Auto Fest is coming to downtown Mahomet on Sunday, July 9th, 2017.  We had 207 registered vehicles that participated last year and expect many more this year.  Registration will begin at 10 am.  $15.00 registration fee and you get a chance at getting one of the 75 Free T shirts during registration.  We also will have them for sale.  Please mark your calendars and bring your vehicles to this annual event.

    American Legion will be serving breakfast this year beginning at 8:00 am.  Masonic Lodge will be serving pulled pork sandwiches as well.  We will have some dessert options during the day.  This event is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce

  • 2017 Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce

    Scholarship Awards for Mahomet-Seymour Students


    The Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce was pleased to award four well deserved students our 2017 Scholarship Awards.  Chuck Thompson of the MACC Scholarship Committee was there on May 17th to give Ryan Fox, Jadin Elliott, Julianne Kauffman and Maddie Fugate each $750 towards their college endeavors.  At the MACC Annual Banquet each year, we have a dessert auction that we receive money from our membership towards the Scholarship Fund.   Without the generosity of our membership, we would not have been able to give out $3,000 this year.  We want to wish these students the very best in their future and to thank all the members that bought and ate/shared these desserts.  Congratulations



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    “Thank you for shopping in Mahomet, our charitable organizations depend on it.


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